Half & Half is a bold, eclectic collection, designed by Jo Sampson, which cleverly combines coloured and clear crystal in pieces that are both decorative and functional. Inspired by colour-blocking, Half & Half is centred on contemporary shapes and statement colours which create the collection’s industrial feel. Perfect for bright, modern spaces, the range is scaled differently to create a varied tablescape with different colours and forms, allowing consumers to create their own bespoke look. 

An eclectic collection of colour blocked and clear crystal inspired by modern living. 

Available in six strikingly subtle colours — Azure, Teal, Mulberry, Saffron, Rose and Ginger — which contrast beautifully with strong forms to create a vibrant collection for the home.

Featuring a stunning ‘olive’ cut, adding surface texture and a functional slant to modern shapes. Craft inspired heritage cuts combined with coloured crystal. Striking yet subtle colours.

When creating the concept for this collection, I wanted to explore the balance between function and beauty. By contrasting strong, utilitarian forms with soft colours and the heritage cuts which speak so strongly of the Waterford brand, the pieces have a really unique quality which I love.”